Yorkie Characteristics

Life expectancy of a Yorkshire Terrier

A healthy Yorkshire Terrier will have a life expectancy of about 12 – 15 years, however poor dieting or weight can dramatically decrease this.

Yorkshire Terrier Appearance

The Yorkie or Yorkshire terrier tends to carry itself with a definite air of self-importance. If the hair is well maintained it has beautiful and soft long straight hair that is blue and tan, with its characteristic parting from the face all the way down to the end of its tail. The eyes and nose are very dark charcoal colour. The ears are small and stand erect in a ‘V’ shape.

Coat and Colour

The hair almost consistent to that of human hair needs daily brushing and regular grooming. Many people who seem allergic to dogs find they can actually tolerate a Yorkie. This is because the Yorkie is a long haired breed which has no undercoat; this means that they do not shed hair as much as most short haired breeds. Another plus side with the Yorkies coat is there seems to be a lack of the unpleasant ‘wet dog’ odour when the dog is wet which seems to never go away.


The Yorkshire terrier breed standard is a sturdy, compact almost athletic build which is said to be suitable for an active lifestyle. The Yorkie should hold itself upright with confidence with its head and tall both held high. Many people perceive Yorkies as being delicate or fragile but for this toy breed it is certainly not the case.